Thursday, January 20, 2005


Hyunsoo E (summary)

Craig Ferris of University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester and his colleagues represented the effects of suckling and cocaine in rats’ brain are same in their article “Motherhood is a Drug”, Journal of Neuroscience in January 5. Brains of suckling mother rats and virgin rats on cocaine are scanned by using of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it shows that there are same responses in same areas of both groups’ brain.


Huang, Yi-hui

The article “Motherhood is a Drug” provides a new finding that nursing could be as high as on drug. Researchers show that the brains of suckling mom rats have similar response with those of virgin rats on cocaine. Such result not only supports "the idea that nature rewards mothers for nurturing their pups", but also helps scientists further understand the comparable phenomenon in human beings.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005



The author in the article, "Motherhood is a drug," reports that the effect of nursing is proved to be the same as that of cocaine by an experimental research, which can provide the understanding of the mother-child bond in humans. This is supported by the experiment of using the brains of the rats by MRI, comparing suckling mother rats to virgin rats given cocaine.


Donggun Kim

Mary Beckman in his article “Motherhood is a Drug” in the website ‘Science Now’ presented the importance of mother care by showing the result of the experiment of the similarity between suckling and cocaine injection on rats. The similar look of the brain between suckling mother rat and unmarried rat simulated by the drug illustrated that nurturing is a gift of nature and there is a strong bondage between mother-child. Prior experiment of the rats with injured brain or impeded neurotransmitter also identified the same rewarding function, which was proven by Craig Ferris who examined the effect of lactation and drug injection through MRI. This finding reviewed a new mechanism in neuroscientific field, which gives access to the possible connection of humans and rats.


Sun Young Kim(summary)

According to the article “Motherhood is a drug”, new research shows that the results of brain scan of suckling moms and those of virgin rats on cocaine are same. The work shows that mothers are rewarded by nature and this result helps understanding of the mother-child bond in human. Researchers believe that the reward system of the brain is relevant to both suckling and drug stimulation. Craig Ferris of the University of Massachusetts Medical Scholl and colleagues examined the effect of suckling and cocaine use to mother rats. They found that, as the result of analysis of MRI, both groups have same results. Neuroscientist Joan Morrell points out that, through this work, scientists can get a better understanding the system of suckling and drug use in human.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Rona Cohen-Summary

The article, "Motherhood is a Drug", shows that the effects of sucking moms has the same influence as cocaine use, on the rats brain. The stimulus of the sucking behavior had the same response on the mothers' behavior, and motivated them to do so. A research that was made at the University of Mass. had strengthen the finding and showed that if the mother rats received a cocaine injection to the brain it will take the place of the rewarding system of the sucking in the brain. This finding might help for farther finding about human brain.

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